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Ragnarok Van Java's Client Download

There are two ways to download Ragnarok Van Java Client, Lite and Full Client. If you already have kRO version 2018 you can download the Lite Client. But if you don't have kRO version 2018 you can download the Full Client.


  • Mirror Link 1 (Updated 4 June)

  • Mirror Link 2


  • Mirror Link 1 (Lite Updated 4 June)

  • Mirror Link 2

Installation Guide

Full Client

1. Download all files from Full Client then place in one Folder.
2. Make Sure all files that you have download in the same folder
3. Run the installer
4. Wait the installation process
5. Finish

Lite Client

1. Make sure you have 2018 kRO
2. Run installer Lite Client in your desired folder
3. Find files data.grf,rdata.grf and folder BGM in kRO2018
4. Cut or Copy files on step number 3 to Ragnarok Van Java Lite Folder
5. Right Click on Ragnarok Van Java Patcher and choose Run as Administrator